How to Mass “Delete Custom Fields” in Salesforce in few clicks?

IDEA:  For any Salesforce Admin or developer, there is a requirement to mass delete fields for an Custom or Standard Object. It would be tedious job to delete each field one by one using Salesforce Standard process.  These type of work requests would take more effort and time, so one of the best option to overcome this situation is by using the this appexchange tool called Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC)

Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC)

Few Simple Steps to Delete Multiple Custom Fields in Salesforce objects

1. Open the BOFC Bulk Field Deletion Screen. BOFC Home > Bulk Field Deletion

 Bulk Field Deletion

2. It will open below screen for BOFC Field Deletion

BOFC Field Deletion

3. Select the Object Name from drop down and Click on “Fetch Existing Fields” button to display all the fields of a selected objec

Salesforce Mass object deletion

4. Select the Fields which you want delete by selecting checkbox infront of each row.

Mass Delete Multiple Fields

5. Once fields are selected, Click “Delete Custom Fields” button to delete fields from Salesforce.

6. Once the delete action is completed, it will show “Success or Error” status message infront of each row

Mass Field Deletion

Have a look at step by step detailed video to “Bulk Delete Multiple Salesforce Fields for Multiple Objects

For any queries or suggestions, you can write your comment in the comment box or for further assistance contact us at or mail us: Our BOFC Expert will help you get the best out of it.

We appreciate your valuable inputs.

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