How to Activate Full Version for Bulk Object Field Creator?

activate bofc license

BOFC is a native Salesforce application which helps devs or admins to perform Bulk CRUD Operations, and also helps to manage Salesforce configurations. This application has two versions:

  • Free version
  • Full version

Free Version: It can be installed directly from AppExchange page of BOFC. Free version has all the features or capabilities which are available in Full version, but limited to some extent.

For example:

  • In Free version, user can create upto 30 fields in bulk, but in Full Version there are NO limits
  • In Free version, user can delete upto 10 fields in bulk, but in Full Version there are NO limits

Full Version: Once user is happy and find the app useful, he can opt to upgrade from Free version to Full version. User can purchase full version using either of below ways:

Once a full version license is purchased, user will receive an email with Activation KEY. Please follow below steps to activate full version appropriately.

Few Simple Steps to Activate Full Version of BOFC:

  1. If Classic – Login to Salesforce > Go to Applications drop-down > Click Bulk Object Field Creator

Bulk Object Field Creator Classic View

Classic View

  • If Lightning – Login to Salesforce > Click on 9 dots > Click Bulk Object Field Creator

BOFC Lightning View

Lightning View

2. It will open BOFC Home page as shown below

Bulk Object Field Creator

3. Click Settings and will open below screen


4. Once license is purchased, you will get activation key in email from BOFC admin.  Just copy the key and place it in this highlighted box and click “Activate Full Version

For any queries or suggestions, you can write your comment in the comment box or for further assistance contact us at or mail us: Our BOFC Expert will help you get the best out of it.

We appreciate your valuable inputs.

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