How to Perform Bulk Profile Operations of Salesforce in few Clicks?


For any Salesforce Admin or developer, if there is any requirement to manage below Profile Operations in few clicks.

  • Compare Multiple Profiles of Salesforce
  • Export Multiple Profiles of Salesforce in xls

For a developer, it would be a tedious job to copy and click each Profile one by one using Salesforce Standard process. These type of work requests would take more effort and time, so one of the best options to overcome this situation is by using this app exchange tool called Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC).

Bulk Profile Operations

Benefits of using BOFC Application to Compare and Export Multiple Profiles:

  1. Multiple Profiles can be compared in a single click in single xls sheet
  2. Supports both Standard and Custom Profiles
  3. Export includes: Object access, App access, Tab access, User & Administrative permissions, record type details, apex class access, visual force page access, Field Permissions
  4. Easy, Simple, Clickable process to compare or export profiles

Please refer below links for each type of actions for a detailed description:

For Detailed Step-By-Step Video Tutorial (follow below links)

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