What You Gain:

  1. An overview of BOFC
  2. Benefits of Using BOFC Application
  3. Purchase & Installation Procedure
  4. Q&A

Who Should Attend?

  • Salesforce Admins Yes
  • Salesforce Developers Yes
  • Salesforce Managers Yes
  • Salesforce MVPs Yes
  • QA Directors Yes

Webinar Detail

This webinar was held on 11th, March 2021. You can get the recordings in the section below.

About the Speaker


Mohit Bansal

Certified Salesforce Developer and Administrator (BOFC Owner)

Mohit Bansal is a Certified Salesforce Developer and Administrator with 12+ years of experience. He is proficient at handling all aspects of Salesforce.com like Customization, Configuration, Lightning, APEX Coding, 3rd Party Systems Integration, Apps Development and others. With that, he has also designed and implemented multiple AppExchange apps; these include:

  • Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC)
  • Config Bench
  • Bulk MetaData Cleaner

Of these three, today we are discussing about BOFC(Bulk Object Field Creator) addressing concerns like how it saves admins' and devs' time and efforts in doing multiple tasks.

Webinar Details:

Welcome to BOFC Seventh (7th) Webinar in which we were talking about

  • An overview of BOFC
  • Benefits of Using BOFC Application
  • Purchase & Installation Procedure

BOFC, ranked the World’s #1 Salesforce Metadata Application, is one-of-its-kind that has helped global companies like P&G, Vodafone, Move and Salesforce MVPs in saving time & making insightful decisions with efficient metadata management.

Key Benefits of BOFC

  • It reduces your time & efforts involved in carrying out Salesforce Metadata operations by 90% with features like Bulk Field Creation, Bulk Export/Import Operations, Bulk Find/Deletion of Metadata.
  • It facilitates insightful decision-making with its Compare & Explore Limits features.

Purchase & Installation

BOFC offers a range of thoughtfully curated plans that are suitable for both small & large enterprises. Once you purchase your preferred plan, you will receive a license key via email.

We’ll help you with its easy purchase & installation process in this Webinar that will help you get started with BOFC.